The C2C Project

The C2C Project

Public events held within the framework of the “V4 Regional Chamber-to-Chamber Meeting 1.0 - (C2C)” project will be the next step of the cooperation process launched at the conference in September 2016. Three chambers and entrepreneurs from the region are to be introduced, and an important professional discussion in a roundtable meeting form about dual education in V4 countries is to be held. The invitees and the attendance of the events will have the opportunity to ask the representatives of the chambers of commerce and industry (CCIs) about the dual education and in other relevant topics in a forum talk.

The local event linked to the project and the cultural programs will attract people. The meeting in Slovakia will set an example for further regional economic cooperation, as the CCIs will be able to reach out beyond their territories and raise their advocacy and representation activities to the level of V4. The CCIs will have the opportunity to reach local entrepreneurs and enterprises by developing new joint strategies and actions and by providing new or renewed chamber services.


The main objective of the project is to facilitate long-term operative implementation of cooperation between regional CCIs participating in the event. The purpose of the event is to be an example and model for a series of annual events where other CCIs could meet in other regions of the V4 countries. Strategies and joint actions developed at the meetings can synergistically improve the competitiveness of the V4 area both on a global and on EU level.




For the implementation of the “V4 Regional Chamber-to-Chamber Meeting 1.0” project and its events financial support is provided by the Visegrad Fund (

The amount of the support for the implementation period is 11,990 EUR.

The project events will be available between 21st and 24th September 2017, in Dunajská Streda.