Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pest County and Érd City with County Status (PMKIK)
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pest County and Érd City with County Status (CCI of Pest County) is the second largest regional chamber of Hungary, with more than one hundred and seventeen thousand registered businesses. The chamber activities cover all areas of service for entrepreneurs.

The chamber operates the Hungarian-Slovak Business and Information Centre which offers following chamber services and support (not only) for Slovak enterprises on economic, financial, taxation and credit access issues; prospecting for business. MORE:


Košice regional chamber of SCCI (SOPK)

Košice regional chamber represents the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) operating in the Košice self-governing region. The main objective of the SCCI is to protect and promote interests of Slovak trade and industry, in particular SMEs, and support their development within a local, national, European and global dimension.

The chamber pursues activities with the objective of advancement and protection of the business environment in Slovakia and also abroad. The regional chamber of SCCI provides services in the area of education, social development, culture, ecology and sustainable development. MORE:






Czech-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (CMOK)

The CHCC was established in 2010 with the aims to represent, support, coordinate and protect the economic and professional interests of its members. Furthermore it is securing information on business opportunities and business partners in Hungary and in the Czech Republic, respectively.

The CHCC as a social non-governmental organization financed from membership fees, other payments for the provision of services, donations and, occasionally, grants. MORE: