On 6 September 2016, an international conference was held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pest County and Érd City with County Status with the participation of regional chambers of V4 countries. The goal was to establish ways and directions for cooperation between them. Representatives of the highest diplomatic levels were present, and all V4 countries’ ambassadors accredited to Hungary gave speeches. The ambassadors said that the close economic cooperation of V4 countries can be best achieved through the cooperation of the regional chambers of commerce and industry (CCIs). Thus the regional chambers from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic agreed that the operative work would be started on their regional level, since the issues potentially contributing to the economic competitiveness of certain V4 countries can be assessed collectively.

The conference as the prelude of the project lead to the realization that the regional CCIs already have a strong potential but there is always room for development. Presentations of last year’s conference pointed out that V4 countries face similar economic and social challenges, for example, the protection of domestic labour force, support for dual education, etc. It was also proved that chambers can achieve positive results mostly on a regional level, thus the cooperation and harmonization of activities of the chambers would be most beneficial at a regional level. To sum up, the regional CCIs working in close cooperation can develop joint strategies to be implemented in their territories of competence by means of actions with the inclusion and continuous support of the business entities